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Roland desktop rotary engraver example

We are official dealers of Roland and Xenetech desktop rotary engravers. Ask us about our Roland desktop engravers and impact printers to find great deals today.

Roland Engravers

Roland deliver precision results on everything from gifts, awards, jewelry apparel, signage. They engrave on a variety of materials, including plastic, acrylic, wood and metal, while their impact printers can engrave onto touch metals like stainless steel and titanium,

30 Years of Engraving Expertise

Roland leads in rotary engraving technology with it’s laser-pointing technology, ethernet connectivity, automatic depth regulation and other incredible enhancements. It’s considered to be one of the smartest, and most intuitive rotary engravers in the industry.

Roland engravers let you effortlessly scribe and engrave onto signage, trophies, tools, giftware, and an array of industrial products, having no problem creating an impact on aluminum, copper, wooden, and brass with speed and amazing precision. It’s laser pointer accurately defines origin points, displays engraving paths and at the touch-of-a-button sets the engraving position to facilitate extremely accurate engraving. With Roland engravers you can easily avoid scratching delicate materials and surfaces, and produce consistently precise results.

Roland uses advanced surface detection to make engraving a quick, simple and precise process, with LAN connectivity for multiple machines. It’s panel control lets you quickly select your machine options such as spindle speed and one-touch machine cleaning. Job data can be sent to your network and access or store in the controller after the PC is disconnected.

Xenetech Engravers

Xenetect rotary engravers exampleXenetech provides the durability and versatility users demand from larger engraving systems, and the portability needed at the perfect price. You’ll enjoy the amazing features that typically come with smaller-format machines. It’s one of the strongest engravers out there excelling in power, performance and cost-effectiveness.

Surpassing The Needs of Customers

Xenetech surpasses the needs of its customers through innovation and quality. Xenetech, understands the day-to-day demands of the printing industry, and the need to help you expand the variety of products and services you offer your customers.

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