CNC 3D Benchtop Milling Machines

We are official dealers of Roland Benchtop CNC Milling Machines. We provide equipment, parts and support for both the Modela MDX-50 and Modela MDX-540 models. Inquire to find out more about our printers and to find great deals today.

3D Milling MachinesRoland’s Modela MDX-500 series of CNC machines are at the forefront of 3D fabrication and prototype production. They add an automatic tool changer and tool length probing, and has an optional rotary axis if required. They provide some of the fastest, accessible and most accurate devices on the market.

These mills combines the functionality of a typical CNC and a lathe, with an additional A axis which allows you to create complex double-sided objects and components with undercuts. The Roland MDX-50 and the MDX-540 provide an extensive list of material pre-sets to choose from, and you can use either a flat or round dowel.

The MDX-500 series meets the needs of artists, crafters and tool makers, and 3D printed part production. These easy-to-operate machines will help bring your ideas into reality.

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