Our Service Manager, Tom Daly, and our Sales Manager, Pam Daly

Born September 17th 2016 Claire Cordelia Daly, My first grandchild! Future company CEO? 

Our Team... 

Jonathan Daly, awesome musician and jack of all trades, invaluable in the company.. Jon has gone back to school and it dong exceptionally well at Mohawk in Electrical Engineering. 

​Now a 17 year old young Man, Anthony is still currently in High School and works summers here at Daly Digital Group. He plans to attend University in the fall of 2019

​​​​​Our order desk is staffed by Pam who has 19 years of experience, helping you get the best advice for repairs, new equipment or product use. 

Daly Digital Group has factory trained service technicians with over 27+ combined years experience. A father and son team with two more sons following, and we are busy enough to add even more! 

Our sales staff has 47+ years combined experience and can recommend the best products and equipment for your applications. Tom Sr. has been in the sign and related business since 1988, and son Tom Jr. since 2005.

Joseph Daly has also been Roland Certified and is now building experiance, at 18 he was the youngest Roland tech ever certified!

We serve all of Ontario, including the far north areas, and as far east as the the Atlantic Provinces.

Joey Daly,  certified as an Advanced Roland Service Technician. He is one of the best!

Anthony Daly, with P.K. Subban. At age 14 A-Train was too young to be part of the business. He earned the nick name A-Train because just like a locomotive, you don't want to be in his way on the ice. A-Train is almost 10 in the photo. He won a contest and skated with the Hamilton Bulldogs, carrying the Canadian Flag in the opening ceremony of the game, he actually did it twice!

Outside Sales Rep  Dave Santin is now on staff, covering all of Ontario.. Dave has over twenty years  in the sign industry, expect to see him soon!

We cant forget Chester, he's a Swiss Mountain/Bernese Mountain Dog mix, in this photo he is 6 months old and 100 pounds, Currently, in July of 2018 he is 9 months old and a whopping 120 pounds!

​​Tom Daly Jr., Certified Advanced Roland Technician, with more than a decade in the sign industry. Also an accomplished bass player!

​​​Has years of experience, And its a Family run business.